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Enable utmost convenience with instant accessibility and advanced care with our efficient infrastructure for medical technology.

BI/Data Analytics

You’re good at collecting data—you likely have tons of information about patients, treatments, shifts in your business, insurance changes, you name it. But data without strong analytics is useless, and you need programs that are both easy to use and reliable.  

 NexZen can help. Our industry-leading analytics and BI tools make it easier for you to access and act on the information you amass, giving you better insights to empower data-driven care decisions to benefit your business and the patients whose health depends on you.
Cloud and Automation

When HIPAA rights are just as important as data storage and transfer, NexZen offers solutions that reflect this balance. We develop hybrid Cloud solutions that allow our healthcare clients to manage and automate Cloud workloads, securely store patient data, and connect their clinical facilities to that data in the Cloud—all while sustaining tight cybersecurity measures and maintaining HIPAA compliance.

 Once these important security baselines are established, our DevOps tools help our clients utilize their NexZen-enabled Cloud platforms to increase their business agility, adaptivity, and agility.
Contact Center and Unified Communications

Communication is at the heart of any business network. This starts with the relationships you have with your customers and extends all the way across your organization, encompassing office and facility personnel and extending to vendors and partners around the world—all within the cybersecurity parameters your customers demand.

  NexZen offers a variety of secure VoIP and telephony solutions that facilitate secure, seamless communication among all involved parties. Our consolidated solutions provide secure voice, text, PHI messaging, and paging via mobile device and enable the shared use of a single mobile device for task automation—both key factors in enhanced communication capabilities within any business.

    NexZen’s solutions include:

  • Spam blocker – NexZen’s innovative spam-blocking solution can help businesses stop unwanted calls, saving valuable time and safeguarding the mental/emotional state of employees and call agents. This vendor-agnostic solution can be deployed on any major contact center/telephony system, including Cisco, Five9, 8X8, and Amazon Connect.

  • Empowering supervisor/power user – Our unique utility application enables supervisors, power users, or department heads to force close, force open, and set ad hoc announcements for emergencies, meetings, or scheduled events. This vendor-agnostic solution can be deployed on any major contact center/telephony system, including Cisco, Five9, 8X8, and Amazon Connect.

  • Credit card/PII. pause – Our decades of experience with complex video/audio recording solutions from Calabrio, Verint, and other major recorders have given NexZen a thorough understanding of the difficulties a business can face when triggers fail to pause or delete credit card or PII. We draw on this experiential knowledge to craft solutions that work for your team, or manage these tasks on your behalf.

  • Simplified scheduling – NexZen can provide (or help you devise) a simplified schedule that easily accommodates holidays and changes, without requiring IT admin intervention.

  • Reports – NexZen can provide off-the-shelf or customized solutions on any major contact center/telephony system (including Cisco, Five9, 8X8, and Amazon Connect) to help you create useful reports and make data-driven business decisions. We also provide external solutions on Tableau, Microsoft BI, or any other reporting solution.

  • Outbound – NexZen can manage campaigns, integrate CRM, and initiate Auto Dial blast for events, with deployment capabilities on major contact center/telephony systems, including Cisco, Five9, 8X8, and Amazon Connect.

  • CRM integration – NexZen’s decades of experience integrating CRM solutions—including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or any other CRM solutions, screen pops, and data mapping—help position us as your trusted CRM systems integration partner.

  • Contact center management – NexZen can manage the day-to-day operations of your contact center, call scripts, and MACDs.

Managed IT

Modern healthcare organizations need to strike a balance between driving their core strategic initiatives and providing the day-to-day support and maintenance of their IT applications. Often, IT departments end up almost exclusively focused on “keeping the lights on” rather than focusing on important strategic projects. Recruiting, developing, and retaining healthcare IT talent is challenging enough, but it can seem almost wasteful to utilize those resources solely for mundane maintenance tasks.  

 As a leader in the healthcare IT managed services space, NexZen can streamline your digital operations, getting your strategic healthcare innovations to market faster, with huge cost savings. Our experienced team of experts provides managed IT services for healthcare organizations via a flexible remote support model that can free your in-house IT team from day-to-day tasks. We offer end-to-end healthcare application managed IT services and support with a focus on improving the end-user experience, increasing efficiency, and helping you drive results from your strategic IT initiatives.
Secure Wireless (Wi-Fi)

Not all Wi-Fi is created equal. Healthcare providers, facilities, and practitioners know that biomedical networks have distinctive, definitive needs for security and segmentation that meet patient data privacy needs and HIPAA regulatory compliance. In addition, healthcare Wi-Fi has to be able to accommodate increasingly large numbers of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices, from portable ultrasound machines to smart pills, that do not remain stationary within care facilities.

 All of this data must be transmitted quickly and seamlessly to ensure rapid patient care and communication with providers, while also being protected from security breaches and vulnerability to ransomware attacks.  

 NexZen provides cutting-edge scalable, secure wireless solutions that ensure reliable connections and the protection of critical data for healthcare staff and patients, anywhere in the care facility.
Security Infrastructure and Operations

Modern education is more than just pencils and textbooks, and non-profits do more than provide important services to their local communities. Technological advances allow us to benefit from a variety of devices, all of which help communication and information transfer happen faster, enhancing the educational experience and bolstering the reach of any organization. But these devices require monitoring and connection for optimum results.

NexZen offers secure operations solutions for the education and non-profit spaces that can help you maximize the benefits and minimize the risks associated with using a wider variety of devices. Our solutions will help you:

  • Automate IoT device tracking and inventory
  • Monitor device utilization to:
    • Optimize workflows
    • Meet utilization demands
    • Drive lifecycle management schedules
    • Project future capital expenditures
  • Reduce the risk cybersecurity threats and fines for breaches
  • Increase average network uptime and reduce the cost of unplanned downtime
  • Lower the risk associated with IoT devices

Determine how to set up a cloud-ready system

We’re not all embracing the cloud at the same rate in this hybrid cloud environment. You may create the type of cloud-ready IT infrastructure that best suits the operational requirements of your healthcare company with the help of NexZen Solutions. Your consumers may access a greater variety of applications thanks to NexZen’s solutions, including SaaS, web apps, and conventional Windows programmes.

Adapt your company's strategy

Managing growth and transition is made easier with NexZen Technologies. The problem can be switching from a rigid hospital-based paradigm to a dispersed community-based care programme, or it might be something else entirely. Protect your IT environment with artificial intelligence- and machine-learning-based security that can spot odd user behaviour, external attacks, or endpoint issues. With the help of NexZen networking solutions, you are equipped to manage any situation, from reacting to changes in network traffic to scaling to take account of an M&A.

Ensure a consistent patient experience

“A secure, purpose-built platform for app and data access, regardless of device, network, or location,” is what NexZen digital workplace solutions provide. This gives your IT personnel the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your data centre is safe and the satisfaction that comes from knowing that clinicians have the same data protections while they’re on the go.

Facilitate EHR (Electronic Health Records) access

NexZen enhances clinical processes by giving doctors access to private patient data from any mobile device, across any network. As healthcare workers travel between locations, applications and data accompany them securely, allowing doctors to minimise clicks and pointless app launches.

Accessible information on HITECH and HIPAA compliance

You should have access to the data required to comply with HITECH and HIPAA. In order to comply with audit standards, regulations must be upheld that both provide an audit trail and restrict access to Protected Health Information (PHI) depending on the user’s context. For help with both ongoing compliance incidents and post-incident investigations, NexZen’s solutions provide integrated capabilities for monitoring, tracking, and reporting.

Avoid stealing PHI

Data is kept in the data centre with NexZen systems rather than on endpoint hardware. This maintains the security of patient financial information, clinical trial data, and protected health information (PHI). With customizable access control settings and support for Nfactor authentication to help with PHI compliance, NexZen networking minimizes the threat surface by unifying access points.

NexZen helped install, migrate, and manage our network, security, and cloud infrastructure, as well as our phone and video conferencing systems. Our experience with the team was fantastic. They provided thorough customer support whenever needed. Highly recommend.

Abdulnaser Alareqi

Network & Server Manager, UMC, DC

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